Rogaining is an outdoor treasure hunt, like no other. If you’re the type who enjoys the ‘great outdoors’ via the TV at the end of a treadmill, then rogaining probably won’t be your thing.

The aim of the game is to race against the clock in teams to find the most controls and gain the highest points. Teams travel on foot, armed only with the course map and a trusty compass.

Every team has a different idea of how they are going to tackle a rogaine. Some are out to win and find every control out on the course – if they can. Other teams want to head to the hills to enjoy mountain-top views. Yet others want to hit the flatter areas and discover hidden gorges and explore river beds; immersing themselves in nature. That’s the beauty of rogaining. The setters provide the location and teams get to choose their own route, pace, and adventure.

Rogaining is a community. It’s exploring new places. It’s time with friends or family. It’s free roaming. It’s being unplugged. It’s a meal around a campfire, camping and sharing stories with new friends. It’s learning something new.

Rogaining Fast Facts

  • Adventure strategy sport
  • Teams of 2 to 5 members of all ages
  • A range of events – from 3 to 24 hours
  • Outdoor, foot navigation on a BIG scale
  • Established by 3 Aussies back in the late 70s, now found across the world
  • Set your own route and pace
  • Points-based results
  • Explore new places, escape for a weekend away
  • Enjoy catered food
  • Help and mentoring for novices is always available