Before Cactus Cull

For the last two years, SA Rogaining have been helping give back by injecting wheel cacti with poison at Parnaroo.

These nasty cacti are weeds of national significance. They are very serious pests and are difficult to control. They kill reptiles, birds and animals and choke out native flora. We are seeking volunteers to come to Parnaroo to participate in a mass ‘Cactus Cull’, finding as many cacti as possible in the bush and then poisoning them by glyphosate injection.

After Cactus Cull

We have managed to inject over 10,000 plants to date! The Landcare Project Officer recently visited the area and said “What a great effort your group has done.  It is just astonishing the area and amount of cacti your group have been able to control. What fantastic work SA Rogaining is doing in our region.”

This year we are returning to Parnaroo, which is approximately 3 hours from Adelaide, to widen the net and also catch any pesky cacti that escaped the first treatment. It’s a fun and rewarding time, walking over hills and through scrub searching for tiny, medium-sized and huge wheel cacti bushes. Everyone is welcome to come and help out. Training on how to locate and safely inject cacti will be provided.


When: Next cactus cull is planned for 2025.

Camping: This is a full bush camping experience. BYO everything – camping gear, water, food etc. A shared bonfire will be lit each night.

Well-behaved dogs are welcome, but note that there will be sheep and kangaroos, and prickles in abundance.

What to bring: BYO everything! Don’t forget your sturdy clothing, footwear, gloves, sun and eye protection. A can or two of pink marker spray paint could also be handy to mark the treated plants.

RSVP and more information: Please email Richard Sprod if you are coming, and which days, so he can organise enough glyphosphate kits.  Information on the camping location will be provided via email.

Sponsored and supported by Northern and Yorke Landscape South Australia and the Philp family.

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