The 15-hour or 8-hour roving bush event is extremely popular, because you get a decent night’s sleeeeep. But, if night navigation is your thing, then feel free to utilise the full moon and go out for the 15-hours straight.

This year’s Parna-Roo-Gaine event, set on the beautiful, rolling hills of Parnaroo (near Peterborough in the mid-north), promises to deliver a fantastic course, no matter your level of expertise. There are many close controls for novices venturing out into their first bush rogaine, lots of mid-distance controls for those who want to venture further, and the usual tricky controls for the die-hards.

The terrain is fast, with low-lying hills and sparse scrub. And best of all – you’ll be able to see where we’ve been killing the thousands of cacti over the past few years.

The Hash House (start/finish, admin and camping area) is centrally located on the map, with a good camping area, easily accessed by 2-wheel drives. If you’re not set up for camping, then there are accommodation options in Peterborough – only 15 minutes away. Dinner on Saturday night, Sunday brekkie and Sunday lunch are all included in the entrance fee. No ‘parmy-roos’ will be served, but plenty of roos will be sighted out on course.

Parnaroo is only 3-hours drive from downtown Adelaide, through Riverton and Burra. For those who are a little time-poor, you can leave on Saturday morning, and start after the midday official start. Just as long as your team is out for a maximum of 8 or 15 hours within the 24-hour period, you can start whenever you want.


Provisional results - please contact us if you notice any discrepancy.

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