Our ever popular 15/8hr Roving event this year is in an exciting new area in the Southern Flinders Ranges on Witchitie Station.

We encourage everyone to enter this special event. It is a once only opportunity to explore Witchitie Station which is not open to the public. From most hilltops you will be rewarded with 360° panoramic views over vast plains to blue/purple ranges in the distance. There are gorges with fascinating rock formations, watercourses lined with slate, a large, interesting dome shaped hill, and the most outstanding feature is a 2.5km long watercourse as straight as a gun barrel with spectacular rock formations along its steep sides. You will have the opportunity to see eagles, red-capped robins, zebra finches, several species of parrots as well as emus and kangaroos. You won’t be disappointed.

The terrain is gently undulating with no huge hills to strain your calf muscles. The numerous low hills will make for easy walking, but will require challenging navigation in parts. Elevation ranges from 300m–527m.  The area is predominately open with patches of Mallee, Sheoak and beautiful Gum lined creeks.  There are numerous sandy, serpentine like watercourses winding their way through the spectacular hills.

For families with young children or those who don’t wish to venture far, there are 23 controls within 5km of the Hash House.  Those unable to travel on Friday, can drive up Saturday morning and still have plenty of time to complete 15 or 8 hours by noon Sunday.

Witchitie Station is 54km northeast of Carrieton. It is 360km and approximately 4.5 hours from Gepps Cross. It is bitumen as far as Carrieton then a good gravel road 54km from there to Witchitie. The Hash House location is accessible to all cars, motor homes, caravans etc.

We strongly recommend wearing gaiters and shoes with all leather uppers to keep “Copper Burrs” out. These burrs have sharp needle like thorns. Those with shoes with mesh type uppers should be prepared to stop occasionally to remove the burr needles which penetrate through soft material. There is only a small amount of spinifex in a couple of outlying areas.


Provisional results - please contact us if you notice any discrepancy.