Our popular 6-hour “Bush” Rogaining event is heading to the Bundaleer Forest near Jamestown in the mid North. What used to be Government owned Forestry is now privately owned by local farmers and we have gained permission to use this wonderful area.

Visit the Bundaleer Forest, proudly known as the “birthplace of Australian forestry”, the first purpose-planted forest, established in 1875. You can still find a variety of stands, such as Tasmanian Blue gums, local Red and Sugar Gums, trialled before Californian Radiata Pine became the favoured wood.

The area used for our Bundaleer Reboot event will be a mixture of old forestry, newly planted feed crop pastures, some felled forestry and open farmland. There are also some areas which look quite randomly felled, however, we learned that a mini tornado had gone through a few years ago and caused considerable damage. The area is also far from flat, ranging from gently undulating hills to some quite steep and physically challenging climbs.

The name Bundaleer comes from the local aboriginal term for ‘stony ground’ so be warned, you will easily see where the numerous historical stone walls got their supply of stones.

You can choose from three events – Saturday and Sunday 10am-4pm, or be more daring and try some night navigation on Saturday 2pm-8pm. After exploring at night, you can then go out on Sunday and do the same route in the daytime to enjoy it afresh if you wish.

The maximum number of entrants has now been lifted and we are no longer restricted to only 80 per event. There will be catering after each event with a 3-course meal (soup, main and hot muffin dessert) provided.

As Bundaleer Forest is only 2 1/2 hours drive from the Adelaide CBD, you can make it a day trip. Alternatively, there is free camping at the Hash House, or some wonderful accommodation in Jamestown or the nearby Clare Valley. Plan to spend the weekend in the mid-north and support our regional friends.