Post event dinner at Robin Hood on Portrush Road. 6:30pm Friday 24th May.

All invited, come and eat some good food and chat about the event (and brag about how you found that control in the middle of the night that no-one else could find). Food menu on the website. There is live music starting at 8:00pm, in the front bar, if people are in the mood to hang around! Several of the setters and teams will be there, hope to see you as well!


Nestled between the Hungry Ranges to the south-east and the Bendleby Ranges to the north-west is a wide, flat valley where the Hash House is located. Controls are scattered on the gently rolling barren plains, on windmills and old farm equipment, in creeks and at bone-dry dams. (Hopefully they’ll get rain soon.)

The property is a well-known 4-wheel driving hub, so the land is criss-crossed with tracks, along creek beds, winding through the hills and up and over the ranges. This is a property perfect for night-time navigation as you’re never too far from a track of some description.

Both ranges provide magnificent 360o views, where hills upon hills can be seen marching into the distance. The vegetation is typical Flinders – some spinifex in areas, saltbush, prickly wattle, callitris and mallee, with rocky ground and outcrops throughout. Plenty of points are to be found in the ranges in the gullies, spurs, saddles and summits. It’s an area just waiting to be explored.

The Hash House has good amenities for camping, with a large shed and dining room to shelter in if there’s inclement weather, and a large pit for a fire – a huge mallee stump has been promised for us! It’s a great spot to bring your family along for a camping weekend, with plenty of controls within cooee of the Hash House.

For those seeking the comforts of home, Bendleby offers some other accomodation on site which may appeal. There is a large shearers quarters at the hash house site, and three other cottages. See their website:

The setters have had a great time setting the course and look forward to seeing hoards of people enjoy the bush camping, exploring and competition.

See you up there in May!