Starting in Dutton, approx. 6km north of Truro. You will be exploring the back roads and track networks north of Truro. Dutton – St Kitts area has many historic buildings and ruins from the mid-1800s when it was settled. Participants are encouraged to read the many interpretive signs along the way to more appreciate the heritage of this area.

Lunch will again be provided by the Truro Primary School P&F committee. They will also have extra drinks and cakes for sale on the day.

Come and sample the history, the scenery, the rust, dust, ruins and relics of this fascinating area.

BREAKING NEWS: Electric bikes allowed!

A world first, electric bicycles will be allowed, in separate competitive classes (specifically, electric 2-hour, and electric 4-hour, starting at the same times as your 100% human-powered colleagues).

If one or more of your team is using an electric bicycle, then your entire team is automatically in the electric category.

An electric bike must be powered by only a battery. Internal-combustion-motor-powered bicycles will not be allowed. Each electric bike must conform with the following government definition.

Competitive riders seeking to maximize their team score should be prepared for a journey of up to 80kms or more in undulating country. Spare batteries may be carried by your team should you wish to do so. All the same, electric bike riders should be prepared to pedal unassisted for long distances if their battery fails at the far end of the map (noting that the most distant control is approximately 15km by road from the event centre in Dutton.

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