Kuitpo Forest – who doesn’t love a rogaine in a pine forest? Soft underfoot (though watch out for those slippery fallen tree trunks), easyish navigation (some of those ‘tracks’ through the pines can be tricky), fungi to look out for (just don’t eat the pretty red fairy mushrooms), and the deer and kangaroos to startle into flight. Forestry SA has done a great job with keeping natural stands of native bush between the plantations, so there’s lots of scrub to explore as well.

Six hours – just perfect for a wander, without being too stressed about time. Six hours is a great amount of time for novices to learn the ropes of navigation and families to explore. Six hours is a pleasant amount of time for the trail runners to feel that they’ve had a decent workout for the day. And for the rest of us – it’s a decent amount of time to be out of the confines of home/work and with Mother Nature.

We can’t wait – we love 6-hour rogaines in pine forests! We hope you’ll join us for ‘Another pine mess you’ve got me into‘.

(Have a read of the setter’s amusing ‘sales pitch’ here.)