Mitcham Hills – trees, hills, views, hills, parks, more hills – everything we love in a rogaine that’s part suburban, part bush. For some added fun this event will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the release of the classic movie Raiders of the Lost Ark. Bonus points will be on offer for teams willing to bring out their inner Indiana Jones and solve more than just navigation mysteries! Come and explore the foothills around Mitcham/Belair and discover areas you didn’t know existed…. and maybe even the Golden Idol.

About the event

Forty years ago the escapades of a cynical archaeologist with a bullwhip and a fear of snakes was released to the world. While dealing with rampant boulders, scheming adversaries and booby-trapped temples, Indy manages to piece together the clues that lead to the next adventure before finally finding the ark of the covenant (holy grail / crystal skull), all without quite losing his fedora. While there won’t be anything so perilous, the March 4-hour “Rogainers of the Lost Park” rogaine will be a homage to the Indiana Jones films. As well as the chance to explore some of Mitcham’s most interesting spots, including Belair National Park, Watiparinga Reserve and Brown Hill Creek, there will also be bonus points on offer.

But finding all the controls won’t be as easy as looking at the map. Somewhere on the course, hidden in the Lost Park is the Golden Idol. To get its bonus points you’ll need to gather the clues scattered around the course, locate the park and find the idol. But before punching your navlight, it might be a good idea to check for traps!

So bring your spirit of adventure and see if you can clean up the course, find the lost park and get back on time, all without losing your hat!