What better way to practice for a Rogaine, than doing a Rogaine? We’ve a brushed off and tidied up a few maps from previous events available for you to practice whenever you want.

MapRun is a smartphone (or smart watch) app that keeps track of where you are and will score your attempt at an orienteering (or even rogaining!) course. This means you can run around any time, without any physical controls or Navlight punches out on the course before you go.

The rogaining community have put together a few longer events to let you wear yourself out, but there are many more permanent orienteering courses around South Australia you can use for navigation training.

We recommend you print a map before you start – it’s much easier to read a paper map than working from a phone screen. Download the app from here, then come back and scan the QR code for your event. Or find the event in the app: Select Event > South Australia > Rogaine

Events Available

Sturt Gorge Schools (4hr), 2022DetailsResults
Jupiter Creek (3hr), 2022DetailsResults
Southern Suburbs Saunter (4hr), 2018DetailsResults
Mt Lofty Isolation (6hr), 2019DetailsResults

Using MapRun

Before you leave home

Download MapRun6, links are on this users guide page: https://maprunners.weebly.com/quick-guide.html

Do not use the older version MapRunF. The rogaine points scoring has not been configured in MapRunF – if you use MapRunF everything will appear to work, but you’ll get zero score.

  • Select “Name” and enter your details: name, email, etc. This information is collected by the operators of the MapRun app to display the results (orienteering style results). Link to the MapRun privacy policy.
  • Select “Select Event” and look for South Australia then Rogaine then the event name. If you are already near the event, the “Events Near Me” should find it at the top of the list.
  • On the main menu of the app, select “Go To Start”. This will allow you to view the controls (you can try this at home). The controls will be shown over an image of the map.
  • Exit this screen by selecting the house icon in the top left.

Tips on getting a good GPS reception:

We recommend you test the operation of your phone GPS before you head off on a a long run – finding out the phone has disabled the GPS tracking after 30mins might be disappointing (but hopefully you’ll still have fun with the treasure hunt in the bush!). The app developer also recommends you carry a fallback GPS, such as a handheld GPS or GPS watch in case the phone app stops working. The track from this device can be used to upload to MapRun website to give you a score. You don’t need to use the phone app, you can upload your track using just your handheld GPS or GPS watch if you would prefer (but you won’t get feedback that you are at the control from your watch).

You can improve your navigation significantly, especially when you’re lost (i.e. cheat) using your phone GPS and google maps. We rely on you doing the right thing. Remember, you’re not playing for sheep stations – the challenge is to do this with a map and compass!

We’re using the MapRun app to simplify the tracking and scoring of the event. If it doesn’t work for you, or you prefer not to use it, that’s ok. Record your route using a GPS as a GPX track and you can manually score your effort.

When ready to start

Make sure your phone is fully charged. And you have MapRun6 (not MapRunF) installed.

The (small) group who have used this app over 6 hours have found the battery use acceptable when the phone is kept flight mode. You may need to carry a spare battery if the phone battery is a bit old. You might want to turn the media volume up so you can clearly hear the beeps when you are within range of a control.

The Start is control S1, Finish is F1, both at the same location (the triangle on the map). Controls are marked with their score (control value is the control number rounded down to the nearest multiple of 10).

  • Begin about 50m from the start control. Open the MapRun app.
  • On the main menu of the app, select “Go To Start”. Wait for a GPS lock (GPS accuracy information in the green bar at the bottom of the satellite image) and the red dot to indicate your position.
  • Walk to the event start and make sure the GPS is tracking your position. When you reach the start, the phone will beep to indicate you have punched the control and the timer will start. Your current position will no longer be shown on the app (otherwise it’d be a bit too easy)! Your phone will show time, time remaining, last control, running score, etc.

Feel free to put your phone in your pocket or bag and rely on the paper map. Phone will beep (turn the phone media volume up!) when you ‘punch’ a new control, and the control symbol will change colour (from purple to green). If the phone doesn’t beep, you’re not close enough to the control (GPS should be reasonably accurate – you’ll need to be within 15m of the control on the ground). Most controls will be detected immediately, a few you might have to walk backwards and forwards a little when you know you’re in the correct area.

Complete your course and return to the start/finish. Turn off flight mode to upload your results.

The app really discourages late returns – you will be deducted 10 points per minute you are late. Don’t be late!


Due to the nature of maps and map reading, safety is the responsibility of the user. The SA Rogaining Association can accept no responsibility for errors or omissions on the map or for events using the map. However, SARA would welcome notice of any errors, omissions or changes.

Please be aware of potential hazards, these include

  • some very steep regions (often with loose rocks underfoot)
  • cliffs
  • random wire fences
  • snakes and other wildlife
  • thick (and prickly) vegetation
  • shared mountain biking trails
  • traffic on roads

These maps are provided for your recreation and enjoyment, and are especially useful during the restrictions imposed by Covid-19.  SARA can’t provide support or assistance during your adventure and takes no responsibility for any injury or misadventure. The emergency contact numbers on the maps are not valid. If someone is seriously injured or needs urgent medical help, call 000 and ask for an ambulance.