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Our calendar of upcoming rogaine events is available as a subscription calendar, so you can add the event calendar in your iPhone, Android device, Google Calendar or Outlook.Our calendar of upcoming rogaine events is available as a subscription calendar, so you can add the event calendar in your iPhone, Android device, Google Calendar or Outlook. On some of these you can elect to receive notifications of new events.

The calendar is provided by what is known as ICS subscription or an iCal subscription. Most calendar programs and apps support the .ics file format. You can subscribe in any calendar program or app that allows you to import a subscription URL. The rogaine events will be synced to your calendar every day or so (how often depends on the calendar program/app).

We’ve outlined the steps for the following popular calendars:

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Calling all uni students

Are you a uni student and love rogaining? Here’s your chance to travel to the 2018 Intervarsity Championships in Queensland on 25-26 August to represent your university and South Australia!

Find out more about the event and the AU$900 travel subsidy.

The South Australian Rogaining Committee will select the team to be awarded the subsidy based on their rogaining experience, recent rogaine placings and volunteering. Brief applications should be made addressing these criteria. Applications are due by 7 April 2018, with the recipients announced soon thereafter.

We want to send a team, so please apply if you’re uni students!

President’s Message, December 2017

On behalf of the SA Rogaining Committee I’d like to thank everyone who attended and contributed to our events this year. Competitors, volunteers, sponsors – you’re all part of the story of rogaining in South Australia for 2017.

And if the story were a book, it would be a real page turner. Events by the ocean, events in the bush, events on bikes – a new adventure at every turn. And, we have some new developments for next year – read on.

After almost a decade, it’s time to do a refresh of our website and entry system. I’d like to especially thank John Soden for his work building and supporting our online presence over that time. The new version will be unveiled in the first half of 2018, and I’m confident you’ll love it!

A new chapter is also dawning for our charitable partnership. Since 2009 we have had a very successful relationship with the Asthma Foundation of SA. Together we have turned our Bush 6hr event into the “Take A Breather Charity Challenge”. Competitors will remember the large marquee, gourmet food and the “buzz” of these events. I’m very happy to say that we welcomed many new people to rogaining in SA through this partnership, and the Asthma Foundation raised valuable funds to support their activities. Moving forwards, SARA wants to continue supporting the community. Here in SA we are very fortunate to have spectacular rogaining country and wonderful regional towns that we rely on for our events. From next year, we’ll be looking for SA regional charities or causes that we can raise money for; perhaps a local progress association or country school. That way we can more directly support the communities that so often support us. With this change we close a chapter with the Asthma Foundation SA, and I’d like to thank the foundation for the great partnership we’ve had over the last 9 years.

The final chapter in the story is about the SARA Committee. Since 2010 Ella Robinson has been Secretary and I have been President. We are now moving interstate and handing over those roles to new people in the new year. The Committee is a tremendously dedicated group of people and it has been a pleasure to be part of it. We look forward to watching SARA going from strength to strength and to regularly returning to take part in events.

Best wishes to you all for the holidays. Here’s to an even bigger and better 2018!

Mark Porter
(Soon to be former) President, SA Rogaining Association

Australian Champships 2017

Jenny Casanova’s report on the Ridgy Didge 2017 Australian Champs rogaine near Cooma with Alex Tyson.

We hadn’t rogained together for 15 years; not since the 2002 ARC in Namadgi NP which her late husband Geoff Mercer set when their daughters were very small (and very cold on that frosty night). Obviously our fitness is a long way from when we came 3rd women’s in the 2000 World Rogaining Champs in NZ, but we were well matched and it was easy to fall back into the old partnership. I’d been looking forward to this event because the photos on the website made it look like nice open forest, not too steep and with hopefully no nasty surprises, and so it proved. There were lots of subtle contours out there and a complex network of ridgelines and creeks, some with steep erosion gullies often skirted by strips of dense bushiness.

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Ridgy Didge Intervarsity Championships

The annually held Intervarsity Championships are held concurrently with the Australian National Rogaine Championships. This year, the championships were held south of Canberra on the 5th -7th of May. The Intervarsity competition pits teams of university students from the same university against each other.

I was lucky enough to receive support from the Nigel Aylott Memorial Fund to cover my travel expenses to and from the event. Representing the University of Adelaide, I had only competed in one 24hr rogaine before this event, so I knew what I was in for, but as it turned out, nothing could truly prepare us for 24 hours of ups and downs.

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President’s Report, April 2017

We’re thrilled with how well 2017 has started for SA Rogaining. The Twilight and Velogaine events were in great locations, with wonderful weather and had lots of you in attendance. And anyone who attended, whether as a competitor or volunteer, is now in the running to be Rogainer Of The Year. Could it be you? This prestigous new award will win you huge bragging rights, as well as some swag from our sponsors IO MerinoOrienteering Services of Australia and The Running Company.

Now we give you a couple of months to recover before our bush events begin. If you haven’t had a camping weekend away with a rogaine, then it’s definitely something to try. Anyone is able to come away for the weekend to enjoy Hash House food and a supported camping experience – with a little rogaining thrown in to keep it interesting! You have the opportunity to get away on 1-2 July and 9-10 September. Put that in your calendar now to avoid disappointment!

Something we love about rogaining in SA is its inclusiveness. At our events we see Australian champion rogainers rubbing shoulders with social, family and novice rogainers. Whether you’re super-competitive or super-chilled, we have a culture of respecting each other. In a practical sense, that means slower competitors may let faster teams past, and fast teams may wait a little to punch at busy checkpoints. No matter where you are on the rogaining spectrum, we ask that you help us keep our wonderful culture by respecting other competitors out on the course.

See you around the campfire in the Lower Flinders in July!

Mark Porter
President, SA Rogaining Association

Australasian Rogaining Championships 2017

The Australasian Rogaining Championships were held on 11-12 February near Waikaia, in the Southland region of the South Island of New Zealand. My sister, Karen, and I flew into Queenstown, and took the two-hour bus ride through verdant rolling hills to the Hash House site, nestled between very large hills (small mountains?) dotted with sheep.

After a drizzly, foggy Friday night, Saturdays early morning cloud dissipated and it turned into quite a warm and moderately humid day. The map, 1:40000 with 20 metre contours, was understandably large and encompassed the western mountain range of the valley we were camped in. We decided to head to the southern area of the map, where we determined there was less mountain climbing and fewer beech forests (and therefore less sand flies!)

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Rogainer of the Year

Congratulations to our IO Merino Rogainers for 2017!

2017 Results

Rogainer of the year, 2017 winners

Female Male
Zara Soden 4526 Bruce Greenhalgh 3960
Jenny Casanova 4248 Des Norman 3717
Evelyn Colwell 4015 Craig Colwell 2980
Kate Corner 3140 Simon Gilbie 2946
Jo Powell 2798 Peter Milnes 2933

For the first time. Time will be on your side!

Get involved. The more time on your feet, the greater the chances of being crowned Rogainer of the Year!

  • Male and female titles.
  • Points are awarded to individuals, not teams, so you don’t need to keep the same team mate(s) for every event.
  • The more events you participate in, the better your chances of winning!
  • You earn points while volunteering* as well!

State Championships – A novice perspective

My name is Sef and this is my story about a geocacher who wants to be a rogainer.

I have a 15 year old son, Callum, who three years ago could not think of anything worse than hiking in inhospitable terrain.

In the ensuing years, Callum discovered there is more to life than playing FIFA and Call of Duty. We started attending group gym sessions three times a week and Callum has now became almost fanatic about his fitness and strength.

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Visitors take on the South Aussies

“Nick, do you reckon we’re in the outback yet?” asks my team-mate Jackson.
“Nah, I think you’re meant to know you’re there when you get there,” I reply.

Rogainers do it in the dark! Yes we do!
It’s Friday night and we’re cruising up the highway from Adelaide with two Tasmanian rogainers we’d hired a car with, and we’re about to tuck into very traditional Australian food at the Railway Hotel in Peterborough, where you can have your steak ‘surf and turf’ (with prawns on it; don’t worry I hadn’t heard of it either), there is unlimited cauliflower cheese in the bain-marie, and the prices belong in the late 1990s. We make it in our hire-car in to the campsite, pitch tents in Mallee woodland, I discover my sleeping mat blows up like a balloon so can’t be inflated, and we await the morning.

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President’s Report: The Festival of Rogaining Begins!

It’s festival season in Adelaide, and in one month the rogaining season begins – our own festival of rogaining!

There’s lots to be festive about this year. In SA, we’ll have our regular events: Twilight, 6hr, 12hr, State Champs and Minigaine. But in addition, this year we welcome the velogaine! This is a 2 or 4 hour dedicated cycling rogaine set around Kapunda. There are quiet back roads just waiting for you and your family & friends to spin around looking for orange and white. No rogaine is complete without some hearty food and banter afterwards, and in the velogaine this will be at a relaxed country pub. I can’t wait!

No festival would be complete without a headline act. This year it is the World Rogaining Championships, to be held just up the road outside Alice Springs. This will be in stunning terrain and should be one of the best World Championships ever held. In the true tradition of rogaining, anyone can enter this event – so you can be a novice and compete next to the absolute best competitors in the world! A small number of entries are still available.

The opening act of the festival is the Twilight 4 hour event. To be held in and around Belair National Park, this will be a great one to get your rogaining season rolling. It’s less than 4 weeks away, so enter now!

I look forward to catching you all at one of SARA’s fabulous events this year. Let the festival begin!

Mark Porter
President SA Rogaining Association

Team 116 – “Croweaters” in the 2015 Australian Championships

“The Tortoise and the Contours”

This was the rogaine we definitely were not going to do, not because we didn’t want to, but because of finances, work commitments, lack of holidays, etc. etc. etc. Plus, only two months ago during the World Championships in Finland, we said that we would never do another ‘24 hour all-nighter’. But here we were at the airport, with heaps of luggage on our way to the Capertee National Park in NSW, because this was ‘superb rogaining country’, according to the pre-event hype.

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Matters of the heart

My ideal rogaine preparation involves a schedule of some months of regular and frequent running, hiking and generally replicating the physical stresses of a rogaine. In the lead up to the 2015 edition of the Spring 12 hour this didn’t happen. Obligations, temptations, frustrations, life and other inconveniences conspired against my grand preparation designs. Going into the last days before the event all I’d managed was a few short runs in the park. Ah well, I figured at least I wasn’t suffering any major illnesses or injuries: my sometimes troublesome knees weren’t bothering me, I was finally rid of an annoying plantar wart and apart from a mild chest cold I was, I thought, in okay health. The cold had lingered for a while and half threatened to become bronchial so I thought maybe a dose of antibiotics was in order. I booked an appointment with the GP.

A bit over a week out from the Roo-gaine, there I was describing my symptoms to the doctor, expecting a prescription and nothing more. After a modicum of examination the doctor said ‘You might be having an extended heart attack.’ A WHAT?!?! He calmed me by saying that it was probably just an infection but ‘to be sure’ he’d have me do an electrocardiogram (ECG).  I was wired up and tested by a nurse who instructed me to wait to see the doctor for the results. After a longish wait the doctor emerged and appeared a little more concerned than I would have liked. He said the ECG was ‘not quite right’ and that after discussions with a cardiologist colleague of his I was to have a blood test. If the results of that test were positive I was to go straight to hospital; if they were negative I’d undergo more testing and a consult with the cardiologist. And the good news?

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Ran. Walked and waded.

It was time to get a team together for the Kuipto 6 hour Rogaine so my Rogainer team constant Tania put the call out. Very quickly we had a new team together. Tania, Nikki and myself who have a couple of rogaines under our belt, Michelle and Kerry who were game enough to join us for the first one. So nominated team captain Tania registered The YUMmy Chicks! Aptly named as we are all doing Yurrebilla Ultra Marathon this year! Let the planning begin!

Lot’s of communication about required food and supplies for the day and how we were getting there. Most importantly Michelle volunteered to supply the bubbles for the finish! Awesome!  All set! And the day arrived!

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Kiilopaa – Saturday 21st August – World Rogaine Championship to Sunday 22nd August

Woke up in the Arctic Circle, at Kiilopaa, Finland, to fine sunny day with an expected maximum temperature of about 20 degrees. Slightly warmer than what we were hoping for. Transferred our entire route planning gear to our tent in the restricted “Planning Area” and collected our “non waterproof paper” maps at just after 9am. Spent about an hour planning our course and marking up our maps based on a very conservative 60km straight-line distance.

During our visit to Scotland in the lead up to this event, we did a number of walks over the Scottish moors encountering lots of slow boggy ground. Expecting the Finland terrain to be similar we didn’t want to overset our course and were initially only going to work on about 50km. However after trialling a bit of the Rogaine practice map we upped our route distance to 60km as the ground was considerably firmer and in general very pleasant to traverse, a lot of it with a small amount of sponginess underfoot, unlike the bone jarring hardness we normally have.

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One day touted as an ‘expert’, the next day humbled by my stupidity.

Yes, I’m one of those SARA volunteers who loves to teach novices how to rogaine. At the Asthma Foundation rogaine on the Saturday in Kuitpo Forest I was one of the ‘experts’ assisting teams understand what a rogaine was, and assisted one of the top fund-raising teams in their route planning.

I always tell novice teams to ‘look carefully at what’s around the control. Look at the contours, any tracks, creeks and high points. And don’t forget that the control is in the exact centre of the circle.’ Great advice – you’d think I’d remember to take that advice myself, wouldn’t you?

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A good day’s outing

I’ve been rogaining since 2004 (ironically, my first event was set by Mark and Ella as well) and have never been fortunate enough to come 1st overall. My desire to improve has pushed me into running, both trail and road running. Many years later I’ve now run three Yurebilla Ultra-Marathons, two road marathons and managed 185km at the Yumigo 24hr event in 2014.

With this in mind, it was time to build a 6 hr team that could do some damage at Kuitpo.

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Renmark rogainers

We came from Renmark to try out Rogaining and Goolwa sounded like the perfect place to start, with the hope that we couldn’t get too lost, and that if we did our bright orange T shirts would make us easy to find.

We planned our course having no real idea of how far we would get, so we headed over to Hindmarsh Island to get some of the furthest controls out of the way first. This involved a lot of road running but we managed to get in a couple of dashes across some paddocks to justify wearing our trail shoes. Back across the bridge, stopping for some photos and a lot of discussion on the best way to do a ‘selfie’ we finally made it back to the mainland. From there we headed up to do a loop through Goolwa North where we found that the controls were a little harder to spot. Perhaps we should have worn team shirts more suited to searching through the bushes, maybe less road-worker orange and more camo green. We had planned to do central Goolwa and then head out for a final loop along the beach but soon realised we weren’t going to make it, so decided to finish as many of the central Goolwa controls as we could in the time we had left before heading back to the Hash House.

We really enjoyed our Rogaining adventure, and with lots of laughs along the way we travelled 25km in about 3 hours 40min, marked off 23 controls and ended up with 1020 points. Thank you to everyone for such a friendly and welcoming day and we really enjoyed the pizza (and a glass or two of champagne!) afterwards. We will be back!

Megan, Deanna, Andrea and Lara

President’s Report – Feb 2015

Now that the festive season and the peak of summer have wound down, it’s time for the 2015 rogaining season to wind up!

We have our usual smorgasbord of events on offer this year with each of the following durations represented: 3, 4, 5, 6, 12 & 24 hours. And for those of you who use rogaining as an opportunity to see more of our state, you won’t be disappointed. We’ll journey from the water’s edge at Goolwa to the iconic Flinders Ranges, smell the pines in Kuitpo and explore the mid North around Peterborough. And who knows what surprises we’ll have for you in the minigaine… Frankly, I can’t wait to get started! (By the way, we get started on 21 March – book your spot now!).

The South Australian Rogaining Association is going through a great patch at the moment. We have a fantastically dedicated Committee, a healthy group of regular volunteers and a really engaged and growing membership. It’s really something wonderful to be part of, so please encourage your friends to come along to our events, and give some thought to how you might get more involved through volunteering – it’s actually quite rewarding.

We’re really pleased that our participation amongst the family and recreational rogainers is increasing. Another area we’d love to grow is at the competitive end of the spectrum. To encourage the elite amongst you, I can announce the SARA will offer a travel subsidy to the Australian Rogaining Championships to one of the teams that wins a category at our SA State Championships on 2 May 2015! That’s right – win your category at the State Champs, and we could pay for you to travel to NSW to mix it with the nation’s best. (Further details to be provided closer to May).

Financially, we’re still going well. With increasing participant numbers , we’re able to maintain our fees at reasonable levels. At the same time, we’ve invested back into the sport recently with some one off costs – who could miss the new paint job on our trailer last year that served to both maintain a piece of equipment while simultaneously being a wonderful mobile advertising billboard! You’ll get more of an overview of our dollars and cents from the Treasurer at the AGM in March.

On the topic of the AGM, if there’s anything that you’d like to raise then please give me a shout prior to the Twilight event.

I look forward to seeing you all out on course this year!

Mark Porter, President
South Australian Rogaining Association

2014 Lunartic Awards

The awards were conceived by a past president Peter Taylor in the early nineties and were initially presented by Peter and Dru Patkin. Peter continued the awards till 2001 and since then have been presented by Peter Milnes. The awards also provide an opportunity to recap on the years events and give further recognition to the setters.

If you have a suitable story please share it with fellow rogainers by sending it to Peter Milnes.


24hr State Champs June, Middleback Ranges

Setter: Geoff Mills

After leaving the hills, this team became bored trudging back across the plains in the dark. To relieve the boredom they started singing songs. One of their favourites was American Pie but they couldn’t remember all the words. Fortunate to be in mobile phone range they downloaded the song and were able to give a perfect midnight rendition of the 1970s hit to all within earshot.

The midnight serenade award – Zara Soden & Lauren Gillis

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