By Peter Milnes

The Naracoorte Rogaine earlier this year was a milestone for me, being my 100th event (excluding Minigaines and Cyclogaines). My first rogaine was a 12 hr at Mt Crawford in 1994 when I partnered my son, Mark after his partner withdrew.  Since then I have averaged 4 events a year.  Below are snippets from basic notes I have recorded over the 25 years.

Total distance covered

approx. 4,600km.

Best result

1st in the 2002 Metrogaine with Steve Cooper and Ross Dawson.

Toughest terrain

World Championships in Alice Springs in 2016.  Also had the largest map.

Most difficult traverse

“The spur” at the Oz Champs in Tassie in 2011.  Took about 1½ hours to get between 2 controls down a rocky spur at night, with several 2m drop offs to negotiate.  Obviously not a good route choice.

Most serious incident

My partner in a Victorian event slid down a rock face during the night and speared his shin with a stick at the bottom.  He ended up with a boot full of blood, a night in hospital and 48 stitches in his leg.

Best control description

“A bar on the spur” at Padthaway. Was a shed with a real bar that a farmer had set up.

Best full moon

Oz Champs at Arkaba, Flinders Ranges in 1997.  Perfect clear night.  The moon came up before the sun went down and the sun came up before the moon went down.  I still recall walking on compass bearings at night aimed at the sharp peaks of the Elder Range.

Best parts of rogaining

Visiting new areas not usually accessible to the public

Walking on a clear night under a full moon

Sharing the adventure of setting and competing with many wonderful people especially my wife, Sue.

Most difficult time

Finalising the setting of my first rogaine while Sue was in intensive care for 27 days.

Most embarrassing moment

Losing my partner in a 6hr Metrogaine.

Busiest times

When SARA was hiring a truck for the equipment.  I would load it from the SARA container based at my work on a Friday afternoon, follow it to the event, unload, compete for 24hrs, reload, then follow it back to my work, unload into the container and arrive home around 10pm having no sleep for 40hrs.

Most frustrating thing

Taking 25 years to find an ideal shoe for rogaining, “Altra Timp”.

Most satisfying achievements

Writing the SARA setting guidelines.

Organising the SARA map library.

Continuing Peter Taylor’s (past SARA president) Lunartic Awards.

Co-setting the Oz Champs at Angorichina in 2012 with Rob Tucker.

3hr Minigaines:  Sue came up with the idea and we set the first one in 2001 at Hazelwood Park.

15/8hr Roving.  Organising the inaugural event in 2018 with Rob Tucker and Sue at Almerta

Being on the SARA committee for 21 years.

Future ambitions

To do a rogaine with one or both of my grandsons.