News update

Good News at last

After discussions with the ARA council the SA Rogaining association has re-scheduled the 2020 Australian Rogaining championship to the 29/30th May 2021.  Border restrictions and travel movements within Australia are becoming more relaxed and we are very hopeful that all states and territory associations will be able to send representatives to this event. Please note that the status of the event as an Australasian Championship  and associated WRC qualifications is being considered at the IRF level given Australia’s current inter-national travel restrictions.

Entry system

The entry system will open during the first week of March and the “early-bird” entry will closed on the 2 May 2021 with a late entry fee applicable up until 9th May 2021.  No entries will be accepted after the 9 May 2021. We are hopeful that the costs as previously advertised last year can be retained, but we are currently re-negotiating with our external contractors. Please note that in the event of Pandemic border closures or onerous quarantine restrictions (on return) a full entry refund will be provided.

Covid-19 restrictions

This event will be held under the guidelines required by a SA Health Covid Safe Plan.  As such there may be some new administration procedures in the lead up to the event date and at the event site which inter-state competitors may not be familiar with. The SA Rogaining association held numerous events in the final 6 months of 2020 working under the SA Health guidelines and have developed procedures and practices to meet the changing requirements.

Bus Schedule Revision

To assist with travellers wishing to depart Adelaide airport on the evening of Sunday 30 May 2021, the departure time for at least one of the buses will be 2pm (at the latest) with arrival at Adelaide airport estimated to be around 5.30pm (6pm at the latest).

Those wishing to avail themselves of this early bus departure time, from Bri Glen Springs event site to Adelaide airport, should advise the ARC organisers ( ) so that seat allocation can be arranged.

Departure times from Adelaide on the afternoon of Friday 28 May 2021, is still planned to be around 1pm to 2pm (so that arrival at the Hash House site will be in daylight) and will be finalised once numbers are confirmed and in-coming flight times of participants are known. If you are flying into Adelaide and will be using the bus service, please advise the ARC2020/21 organisers of your flight schedules so that our “meet & greet” volunteers are available to direct you to the bus departure location.

Currently there are restrictions on taking fruit and vegetable outside the Adelaide metropolitan zone.

If required, the bus will make a stop at a supermarket to allow for last minute purchases outside the metropolitan restriction zone.

Please note that South Australia has strict laws regarding bringing fruit and vegetables into the state.


 Mediterranean fruit fly outbreak – metropolitan Adelaide – PIRSA