Missed some controls at Bartagunyah? The setters revisited a number of contested locations when collecting controls. Below are their comments on whether things were or were not in the right place. Please note – we are not offering to reassess scores!

Control 91 (the knoll, SW of W4) – this control was on a rather exposed knoll and appears to have been swept away during the event. Most likely sometime during the night when that storm came across.

Control 71 (the southern end of the knoll, atop Mt Remarkable) – this control was retrieved from its set location. It was approx 150-200m south of the summit, around 25m off the track bend as it turns to the west and heads down.

Control 46 (head of the watercourse) – this control was retrieved but appears to have been relocated on to the top of the ridge. Given the manner in which it was ‘rehung’, I suspect the control had been whipped away from its original location by the weather prior to the event, found and ‘rehung’ by the landowner. He only missed by about 60-70m.

Apologies to all those teams who had been unable to locate any controls that had been affected by the adverse weather conditions or otherwise. I hope this did not dampen (no pun intended) your overall enjoyment of the event. After two magnificent weekends of setting and vetting it was somewhat disappointing to have such extreme conditions during the event.

Thanks to Randell Taylor for this article.

Further info subsequently provided by Andrew Baker – from the 2nd place team and a welcome guest from Victoria:

“We were heading down the west side of the map (not far from the Hash Hut) through the thunderstorm. We actually sheltered in the small shearing shed at W4 until the rain stopped, and were in there between about 3:30 and 4:00. After convincing ourselves to leave our hiding place out of the wind, we walked down to Control 91, getting there soon after 4:30am. At this point the control was still there and still in the right place, and this was after the storm front had passed through.”

The plot thickens…