Read the setter’s thoughts on our next rogaine (by Bruce Greenhalgh)

Yes, yes. I know it should be ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’ but I’ve been struck by some parallels the coming six-hour rogaine has with the Goldilocks story. Just like the chair Goldilocks sits in, the porridge she eats and the bed she sleeps in, the ’Another pine mess you’ve got me into’ rogaine is ‘just right’.

Take the time period, six hours, it’s (obviously) shorter than a twenty-four-hour event and so won’t take you to the point of questioning your sanity the way the longer events usually do. And it’s not as short as a three hour when it seems that no time has passed before you’re worrying about getting back to the Hash House in time. Nothing like those two extremes, the six hour allows you to immerse yourself in the rogaine experience without the rigours of a longer rogaine or the limitations of a shorter event. Just right.

Similarly, the navigation challenge of the Kuitpo six hour is not that great that you’ll be spending hours vainly searching for a control, nor that easy that you’ll feel like little or no skill is required. A bit of compass work, perhaps some pace counting and astute route choice will have you feeling you’ve tested your mental prowess without straining your brain. Just right.

SARA’s longer events are often set in wonderful, extraordinary, locations that provide the sense of being away from everything, but these venues often require a lengthy car trip, sometimes the best part of a day. Conversely, the ‘metro’ events are easily reached. The flip side, however, is the loss of being somewhere away and special and natural. Kuitpo is (roughly) only an hour’s drive from the city, so not a long haul, but the forest provides a feeling of being out in the natural world and away from the confines of the suburbs. Just right.

So, what’s stopping you? Get together with friends or family or total strangers, get an entry in and start looking forward to a great event. If you like pine we’ve got you covered. There’s pine forest, pine trees, old pine, new pine, pine cones, and pine needles. But there are also sections of native bush that provide an interesting multi-species contrast to the monoculture of the pine plantations.

Porridge isn’t on the menu (sorry Goldilocks), but there will be hot soup and rolls waiting for you at the end of the event. Adventure, pine cones, maps, hot soup – what more could you want? And all for a mere $40 (with children U9 free and good deals for students/concessions and families). Just right!