The I/O Merino women’s longsleeve Rapids V-neck base layer lived up to its reputation at ‘Hale and Hearty’ 12 hour Rogaine this September. Surviving the tough conditions of the event, from kangaroo thorns, mid-20s sunshine and crispy cold moonlight.

Personally, I have been a merino convert for some time, but was particularly impressed with I/O Merino standard. I wore the Rapids V-neck base layer for the full 12 hours, and it kept me cool when I wanted it to and cosy warm when I needed that also, and it didn’t stink or feel grimy after a tough day in the rogaine office.

It’s light. Comfortable. Itchiness free. And by far the softest merino garment I now own. For versatility, it’s exceptional as it’s also stylish enough to hang-out in after the event around the campfire.

Rebecca’s verdict: Recommend. The I/O Merino is up there as the ‘bestest of them all’.