The ‘Lunartic’ Awards are presented to rogainers or volunteers for humorous, unusual, or interesting incidents that have occurred before, during, or after an event. The awards for 2013 are here!

The awards were conceived by a past president Peter Taylor in the early nineties and were initially presented by Peter and Dru Patkin. Peter continued the awards till 2001 and since then have been presented by Peter Milnes. The awards also provide an opportunity to recap on the years events and give further recognition to the setters.

If you have a suitable story please share it with fellow rogainers by sending it to Peter Milnes.

hr Minigaine October 2012, Stirling

Setters: Bethany & Jo Powell

“Making the most of an opportunity”

At events where we have pizza, we ask everyone to assist with the disposal of the empty pizza boxes and the minigaine last year was no exception. People grabbed a pile of empty boxes and one couple from Yorke Peninsula who always helpout at rogaines, placed a pile in the back of their car. On the way home they noticed people around a bonfire in the middle of a paddock. Thinking quickly they stopped and asked if they would like some more fuel for the fire. When the answer was yes, they were delighted and were able to offload all the boxes before they had even left the Adelaide hills.

The making the most of an opportunity award – Detlef Ringewalt and Siggy Attenborough

hr Twilight March 2013, Monacute

Setter: Stephen Warren-Smith

“The suicidal bike ride”

The day before the event our vice president Craig Colwell received a call from the Campbelltown Council advising that the key to the hall to be used as the Hash House hadn’t been collected. He received the call at 4.20 on the Friday, the council office closed at 5.00 and wouldn’t be open again till Monday. After a couple of frantic calls he was able to get the setters mobile number and rang him. After explaining the situation there was a silent pause followed by “oh my god, I completely forgot”. Craig had rang at 4.35 leaving the setter 25 minutes to get from his work in North Terrace to the Campbelltown Council office to get the key. His only means of transport, his bike. The guy was seen racing out of the Adelaide Uni desperate to reach the Council Office in time. He miraculously arrived at 4.59, one minute to spare. He had averaged 25km per hour for the 9km in peak hour traffic which is amazing, and most importantly arrived unscathed.

The suicidal bike ride award – Stephen Warren-Smith PS.

PS Stephen also had the misfortune to lose his wallet on the course while hanging controls. An extensive search by him and the setting team failed to find it and it was presumed lost To his surprise it was found by a team during the event and handed in to admin. It is amazing how much gear lost on the course gets found by ever alert rogainers.

4 hr Twilight March 2013, Monacute

“Beaten home by their control card”

One of the most important items of a Rogaine team is their control card which is used to record each control visited and just as important their finish time. This team realising they had somehow lost their control card near the end of the event, spent so much time searching for it they arrived back 17 minutes late, alas without the all important card.

Fearing disqualification, much to their surprise and relief their control card had miraculously beaten them to the finish. It had been found by another team and handed in to admin.

The beaten home by their control card award – Geoff & Rosalie Bennett.

4 hr Twilight March 2013, Monacute

“How I almost killed my father”

The daughter in this team almost killed her experienced rogaining father. They had gone into the steep hills first, then pushed hard around the roads, and near the end were determined to get one more control. They got it and raced back to finish arriving a few minutes late. When someone asked “where is your dad, is he OK?” she answered “I don’t know”. He was collapsed on the grass looking a little shell shocked and didn’t move for some time.

The how I almost killed my father award – Meredith Norman

AUMC 24hr Walk & SARA 12 hour Rogaine April 2013, Argadells

Setters: Mike & Hugh Round, Don and Helen Vinall, Peter & Sue Milnes

“Mr Enthusiastic”

This guy had previously set the Palmer rogaine which had 62 landowners, a record number, so he is obviously very good at conversing with people. He also did a reconnaissance last year for SARA to Kangaroo Island to check out possible rogaine sites, covering most of the areas by bike. After all this he was still enthusiastic enough to volunteer to set the AUMC event this year. He chose an area based at Argadells north of Quorn. There was only one problem. He didn’t have a car at the time. On his first visit to the site he travelled with his bike on the bus to Pt Augusta arriving after dark. He then rode to Quorn where he camped the night and next morning rode a further 25km from Quorn to Argadells to begin the rogaine planning.

The Mr enthusiastic award – Mike Round

Spring 6/12hr September 2013, Hallett

Setters: Jenny Casanova, Zara Soden, Jim & Dorothy Casanova

“How keen can you get”

This families’ first rogaine was the Asthma event in August . They became hooked on the sport after this and were dead keen to do the spring event at Hallett. They discovered they could only compete for the first 3 hours but were enthusiastic enough to drive the 7 hour round trip from Adelaide to do so. They were seen on the course all bubbly, excited and having a great time. Lets hope their enthusiasm keeps up.

The how keen can you get award – Steph, Aimee and Anna Tulloch and Keith Seanard

Spring 6/12hr September 2013, Hallett

“Boilermaker turns arsonist”

Most people will know this guy who attends the gas urn at most  events ensuring there are copious amounts of hot water for drinks and washing up. He was at his post during the Hallett event when he noticed the water level in the urn was low. He topped it up and turned the gas burner up high. He failed to notice a cardboard box of teabags on the edge of the table next to the burner. All of a sudden they caught alight. Fortunately he managed to throw them onto the ground and extinguish the fire before anything else caught alight.

The boilermaker turns arsonist award – Jim Casanova

Spring 6/12hr September 2013, Hallett

“The late finishers”

This father and son team have developed a reputation for finishing late. They finished the Hallett event with 4 minutes to spare, were 17 minutes late at the Asthma event and only had 47 seconds to spare at the Twilight event. They now get greeted at admin with “so are you guys planning to get back on time today.

The the late finishers award – Geoff and Lachlan Hodgson

Spring 6/12hr September 2013, Hallett

“Discovering a great bush character”

A setter at the Hallett event decided to go for a run during the afternoon while things were quiet. She had been out longer than intended and really needed to pee…..then she saw a long-drop dunny in the middle of nowhere. It was like a mirage! She looked around and there was a humpy, caravan, 4WD and an old fellow who when asked “How long have you been here?” said “Since 1967”! She doesn’t think he’s out there all the time, but he had a pretty decent setup with a camp oven, boiler, Hills hoist and even a patch of garden. She stopped to chat because she was so curious – he turned out to be 87. She declined a cup of tea so she could get back to the HH before dark.  Along the main road the Thomases (landowners) passed her and offered a lift. She jumped in and said “I’ve just met your squatter!” and they said “Oh goodness, we forgot to tell you about him” but at least they had told him about the rogainers coming through, not that he’d seen any (and he was too deaf to hear anyone anyway).

The discovering a great bush character award – Jenny Casanova


Thanks to all those who have supplied stories for this years awards