Every year Peter Milnes puts together the stories that exemplify the quirky situations that arise in our unique sport. Here are the Lunartic Awards for 2015.


3hr Minigaine, November, West Lakes

Setters: Sally Caston & Katie Corner

This young lady was only 13 days old when she competed in last years Minigaine with her parents, thus becoming SARA’s youngest ever rogainer.

You’re never too young to rogaine award – Carrie Warren-Smith


State Champs, May, Worumba

Setter: Mark Corbett

This rogainer bought a brand new pair of shoes from one of our major sponsors, The Running Company. Little did she realise these shoes would play a vital role in relocating her team during the night at the northern end of the course. The team found themselves geographically embarrassed, but managed to find an indistinct track that they thought they may have previously come along and were looking for something familiar to confirm this. Eventually the track lead to a junction and amongst the many footprints, the rogainer recognised the brand name of her new shoes. The right size and yes, the team was then sure they knew where they were. There are many ways for a team to relocate but recognising your shoes imprint is certainly different.

The tracker award – Evelyn Colwell


Asthma 5hr & SARA 6hr Rogaine, August, Kuipto

Setters: Mark Porter & Ella Robinson

Setting a rogaine requires getting to know local landowners and in this event the couple got to know two Kuipto landowners more than anyone would have anticipated. Having had lots of rain there during the past week, the forest tracks were wet and muddy. While hanging controls and driving along the tracks to reposition themselves, the driver tried avoiding a huge puddle by driving around but as soon as he left the track onto the soft side, the vehicle sunk down and became bogged. After a couple of hours of frantic digging, packing sticks and branches under the wheels it was decided they needed help.

They rang a local landowner and he kindly came out and managed to tow them out of their predicament. Relieved, they happily drove off heading for another area to hang controls but still travelling on the wet and boggy track, became bogged again. At this stage the passenger had had enough and left the driver to sort out his predicament while she went on with the job of hanging controls. Wishing to avoid further embarrassment, the driver again spent time trying to get his vehicle out of the bog but without success.

Burying his pride he rang the landowner again only to find he wasn’t available and had to contact another landowner who was also very obliging and he came and towed the vehicle out.

Getting to know the local landowners – Mark Porter & Ella Robinson


Asthma 5hr & SARA 6hr Rogaine, August, Kuipto

Setters: Mark Porter & Ella Robinson

A member of our hard working committee loves teaching novices how to rogaine, emphasising the importance of remaining in contact with the map – look at the features you can see and check them on the map. After doing a coaching session at Kuipto on Saturday she competed with her daughter on Sunday. She was on a high and feeling very confident. They easily found the earlier controls, passing other teams and feeling bullet proof. Chatting together and greeting others coming towards them, they headed towards a 90 pointer. After some time the daughter commented that they should have seen the control by now. “Nah” replied the expert mother “it’s still further on”. On arriving where she considered the control should be, they were unable to locate it. As it was worth 90 points she considered that perhaps it was not in the open and they bush bashed everywhere looking for it but without success. She eventually conceded she was probably past the control and they turned back. 10 minutes later they walked straight onto the control which was actually on the track.

Rogaining is a great leveller – Jo Powell