Peter Milnes presented the 2016 Lunartic Awards at our last event, shining a light on the unusual and uncanny incidents of 2016. Here they are for your amusement.


4hr Twilight March, Hawthorndene

Setters: Zara Soden & Emrys Leitch

With the event started and 300 odd competitors on their way, the volunteers expected a quiet, tranquil time. The last thing they expected when they went outside to set up for the finish was raw sewage flowing across the yard and exiting through the gate intended for the competitors to come through to finish. The ‘loo rush’ of 300 competitors was too much for the school septic system. After many frantic calls, a plumber was organised and the flow eventually stemmed, but the yard was covered in sewage. A couple of admin guys grabbed hoses and had it all cleared by the time competitors were returning, and most were blissfully unaware of the drama which had occurred.

The sh*t happens award – Mark Crawford & Michael Pohl (the guys who manned the hoses)


World Champs July, Alice Springs

Setters: David Baldwin & Julie Quinn

The World Champs are treated as a very significant event by most competitors. This Ultra vet was no exception and decided she would travel to Ballarat to compete in a 6hr rogaine for extra practice. She was unfortunate enough to have a bad fall and broke a bone in her leg and was unable to compete in Alice Springs. Not wanting to miss out on the action she was seen volunteering in the kitchen at the Worlds complete with Moon Boot!

You have all heard the saying ‘breaking your neck’ to do something, well this person broke her leg instead.

The breaking her neck to get to the World Champs award – Joy Corbett


World Champs July, Alice Springs

Setters: David Baldwin & Julie Quinn

This guy raised a few eyebrows when noticed at the Adelaide airport balancing a box of lamingtons which he was taking to the World Champs for Aussie food tasting for overseas competitors. When rolls of duct tape were discovered in his carry on luggage he aroused further suspicion. He tried explaining to security it was for emergency shoe repairs expected in the rocky terrain around Alice Springs, but he failed to convince them. It was considered the tape could be used to bind hands or feet in a hijacking, and was confiscated.

The suspected hijacker award – Mark Porter


World Champs July, Alice Springs

Setters: David Baldwin & Julie Quinn

This compass was lost and found 3 times during the event. The first two times it was dropped on the course and found, although the second time it was in the middle of a ring of spinifex making it a prickly retrieval. The third time was at the All Night Cafe. It wasn’t to be found amongst his gear or the cafe area when the team was ready to leave the compass was definitely missing. Walking on, the owner slid his hand into his pocket and ‘bingo’ the compass was found yet again.

The elusive compass – Dave Nicholson


Minigaine November, Tee Tree Gully

Setter: Simon Ellis-Steinborner

This team were desperate to win the event. They studied the entries and decided their main competitor was someone well known to them. They knew he was a Taylor Swift fan, so they hatched a plan to send him complimentary tickets to a concert supposedly to be on at the same time as the Minigaine. Obviously he didn’t fall for the ploy as he won the event. The girls did however come a credible second.

Eliminating the opposition award – Meredith Norman, Joanna George & Abigail George


Minigaine November, Tee Tree Gully

Setter: Simon Ellis-Steinborner

You have to be tough to be a top rogainer and this person proved it beyond doubt. Shortly after the start he was climbing over a fence and caught his clothing on the wire which resulted in him ripping his hand open. He and his partner attempted to tape it up but couldn’t stop the bleeding. Fortunately his father lived close by so he rang and arranged to meet him nearby with a first aid kit. He ran to the meeting point with one hand over the injured one applying pressure to curb the bleeding. After taping it up they continued on their way. The injury obviously had no adverse effect as he won the event. It did however require several stitches afterwards.

The grit and determination award – John Nieuwenhoven


This young person competed in his first rogaine when he was only 2 weeks old. He attended most events and committee meetings in 2016. He felt he wasn’t up to compete in the worlds but still wanted to attend. He arranged for a baby sitter so his mum could compete. His responsibilities at events was to woo strangers, entertain admin through the middle hours of an event and be a perfect angel at committee meetings. All which he did admirably.

The unwitting volunteer award – Lachlan Corner