Reuben – just turned 7, Steph – aged 8 and Maddy – aged 10 are rogaining ‘veterans’, having competed in their first rogaine at the 24 hour State Champs last year. Their parents don’t have a background in anything remotely to do with rogaining, but they’re up for some fun and physical activity, and don’t mind dragging the kids along for the ride. The kids were interviewed after the recent More than Morialta! rogaine.

How did you go at the Morialta rogaine?

Steph: We got a map each and it was really hard to find the Hash House. Mum and dad didn’t do much planning but we went straight up the really big hill to Control 81 and then stayed in the hills.

Reuben: I liked running up the hills ahead of mum and dad, but dad had to piggy back me a bit because it was too steep and slippery.

Maddy: We took heaps of short cuts and other teams were really surprised when they saw us. We kept getting in front of them. Bush bashing gives you energy – we don’t like sticking to trails.

Steph: We tricked one team and made them think they missed a control when we were going up the other steep track (Chapman’s Track).

How far did you travel?

Reuben: 7 kms

Mum and dad: estimate about 17kms

How many points did you get?

We got 800 points but because we were 20 minutes late we only got 600 points. We came 81st we could have come 52nd

What’s the best thing about rogaining?

Reuben: Getting lollies at controls and making movies. (See ‘A novices guide to rogaining’ on YouTube)

Steph: Staying up past our bedtimes.

Maddy: I like walking!

So do you like rogaining?

Girls: YES!

Reuben: No! I get sore feet, but I like the lollies!