To ensure you have a lot of fun at the Velogaine, we have compiled some handy resources to help you enjoy your time out on course.

Velogaines are a great way to explore our state, they are fun and challenging all at the same time! An incredible relationship-building experience and perfect for every age group and you can ride your bike! No walking or running on tired legs.


First and most importantly a bike in good working order with two effective brakes, something to carry water, a helmet and suitable clothing. We suggest a mountain bike or hybrid style, something that will be suitable to travel comfortably along gravel roads.

Map Board

This little tool will make your navigation a whole lot easier. It not only frees up your hands and enables you to cycle safely, but it also keeps you pointed in the right direction.

You can buy online at our friends Orienteering Services of Australia


A compass is a good idea and it may be useful to help you get your directions on the fly. Learn more about how to use your compass from our training videos.


Plan. Seek. Find. The three elements of every rogaine.

Sounds simple, but the way they come together means that every team ends up with a unique experience and many stories to tell.

Exploring our state’s jaw-dropping vistas. We supply the location and you get to create your very own adventure!