The Second Valley Forest billed as the wettest location in South Australia lived up to its name with heavy rain and hail greeting the organisers on the day before the event, causing some concern for the setters and helpers getting all the controls and goodies to the correct locations.

However, braving muddy tracks, swollen creeks and fallen trees, the job was done by mid-afternoon.  Meanwhile back at the Hash House site, the Asthma staff with a number of SARA helpers were busy getting the Hash House and Administration areas in order and decking the huge Santos marquee with posters and signage. The marquee proved an outstanding success and was packed during team course planning, after maps were distributed, as well as after the event for the meal and results.

Fortunately during the event only a few light intermittent showers occurred.  Course setters Tom Bullock and Peter Clark set an enticing course with 42 controls over an attainable 42km (calculated winning route distance to collect all controls).

Zara Soden (2011 & 2012 Women’s Australian Champion) and Jenny Casanova again proved their class and endurance winning the event outright ahead of the huge 470 field of participants. See their results, course route and split times and compare them with your results.

There is a short clip on YouTube form the day (produced by Adrian Uppill) as well as numerous photos on Facebook.