Rogaining is a relatively simple sport with a few basic rules which have evolved since its inception.  One of these rules relates to the Intention Sheet which is attached to each Control.

The Rules of Rogaining state:

R19. Teams shall fill in any intention sheet at the checkpoint with the time of arrival, the team number and the number of the checkpoint that they intend to next visit.

How to fill the Intention sheet is pretty simple:

  1. In the column under No., write your Team Number
  2. In the column under Time, write the time you arrived at this Control Site
  3. In the column under To, write which Control you are heading to.

Why fill in the Intention sheet?

  1. Because it is one of the Rules.
  2. The Penalty is the loss of points for the checkpoint under consideration (“R26 … Penalty is the loss of points for the checkpoint under consideration”).
  3. For areas without mobile phone coverage, the Organisers use the Intention sheets to reduce the search area if a Search & Rescue is undertaken and the location of the missing team is not known.
  4. It adds to the excitement of the Rogaine seeing which teams are just ahead of you and trying to work out what direction or route they are doing.

For short duration events such as our 3-hour minigaine, 4-hour twilight and some local 6-hour rogaines, Intention sheets are generally not used as there is good mobile phone coverage where participants can call the Organisers if a problem occurs, or the participant can call 000 direct in an emergency.

However, the Intention Sheets are an integral part of the overall Safety Management Plan for our major events (where there is limit mobile phone coverage) and are used to improve the response time and reduce volunteer manpower should a search be needed.