Thank you to all our members who stayed for the AGM, at the March Twilight 4-hour in Morphett Vale and continue to support the association either through attending our events or volunteering. Throughout 2017, the rogaining finances continued to be in a healthy position, so there is not a great deal to report.

SA Rogaining made a loss of approximately AU$2300 in 2017. All individual events made a profit except for the 12/24-hour bush weekend in September 2017. Our 3, 4 and 6-hour events continued to be the money earners for the organisation, as has been the trend in recent years. Even though we covered all our event costs from entry fees, by the time we had paid our fixed expenses the organisation had incurred a small loss. Our fixed expenses mainly consist of equipment, insurance and an upgrade to the website.

SA Rogaining finished 2017 with just over AU$40,000 in money in the bank. The small loss over the year is not of a concern and represents sustainable spending.

One of the major one-off costs was funding the start of redeveloping our website. The website will assist greatly in promoting the sport and reducing the administrative workload on our volunteers. You will have seen the website already, and the work is ongoing to create a new and improved entry system. The website entry system will handle all the steps of entering and paying for events in one place, and later in the year will also include the ability for users to maintain and edit their own entries.

SA Rogaining’s books have been independently audited and noted to be representative of the associations’ financial affairs in 2017.

The 2017 financial summary is available here.

Anton Steketee