For our 2023 season we had 83 volunteers filling in 128 volunteering positions – ranging from a few hours bucket cooking to weeks of setting. Of those 83 volunteers, 58 people volunteered once, for which we thank you for giving up one of our events to help out and 25 who helped out more than once. Double thank you’s.

Committee members tended to be involved with many of the rogaines and numbered highly in the double thank you’s – and that’s because, well, they are committed. Among the most notable were Ruth Ambrose who volunteered 5x and Craig Colwell and Keith Humphris who can count 4 each.

Of the non-committee members (and not even active rogainers) Chris Franklin and Jan Hillyard each volunteered 5x and David Powell who got roped into running Navlight 4x.

Of the 83 volunteers, 14 were committee members and from the 61 left I know there were at least 14 who, like Chris and Jan, are no longer actively involved with the sport but like to help out when they can or come as dedicated drivers and offer their services whilst they are there.

If you would like to offer helping out at any of this year’s events, please contact me (volunteer co-ordinator) on

Evelyn Colwell