Privacy Policy

We, that is the SA Rogaining Association (SARA), collect only as much information about you as we need to safely conduct rogaine events. We use this information to organise the events, publish the results and contact you if required. We do our best to securely hold your information and do not share or sell your details.

About SARA

The SARA organises rogaines (the sport of long-distance cross-country navigation) in the state of South Australia. The SARA committee also provides services to support rogaine events such as: promoting rogaining; providing training; producing rogaine maps and newsletters.

It is the policy of the SARA to respect the privacy of individuals at all times. This is achieved by:

  •         Only collecting sufficient information to ensure members are kept informed of the activities of the SARA and events are conducted safely and efficiently.
  •         Ensuring information is kept secure and not disclosed inappropriately.

The information that the SARA requests is to enable us to provide you with our services or products.

We believe in celebrating participation and success. Before an event, names of people who have entered will be published on our website. Event results, that include the name of every competitor, are published on our website as soon as we can following an event, and occasionally in other mediums such as newsletters, newspapers and social media.  Photos taken of members enjoying themselves at our events can be published on social media or in our newsletters. Please make it clear to any photographers if you do not wish your image published.

Data Collection and Use

Information collected and stored consists of the information you give us when you register for an event:

  •         Name
  •         Year of birth, gender – so we can place you in the correct category
  •         Where you live: Country and Australian state – so we can place you in the correct category for championship events
  •         Email address and contact phone number – so we can contact you
  •         Broad dietary requirements – so we can prepare the correct quantity of restricted diet foods
  •         The website automatically passes your credit card details to the payment provider when entering an event, these details are not stored by us.

When competing in an event we will collect the following information and retain this for approximately one year, to administer the event and facilitate any search and rescue (fingers crossed we don’t need it!):

  •         Mobile phone number and vehicle registration number on flight plans – to assist us in locating you if you are more than 30 minutes late
  •         Name and address of the witness on your indemnity form.

By providing your personal information to SARA, you consent to its use, storage and disclosure in accordance with this Privacy Policy. If you create a rogaine registration on behalf of another person, you must make the person aware of the data that is being collected and how it will be used.

Marketing and Email

We maintain a list of members’ email addresses and we use these to send you information that we think will be of interest including:

  •         Newsletters
  •         Invitations to events
  •         Requesting volunteers
  •         Event specific details after you have entered an event.

We use MailChimp for our mass mail-outs, but may also use your email to contact you as required to organise events. When an email is sent via MailChimp, you have the opportunity to unsubscribe from the mailing list. If you have unsubscribed, but continue to receive correspondence please contact us ( and we will resolve this.

Data Security

Our database is stored on our website and is password protected. The database is accessed by the event organisers and the SARA committee members. Other people may have access to the database when they have a demonstrated need, such as the website manager. All persons having access to the database are made aware of their obligations in relation to privacy. We take all reasonable steps to ensure the information on the database is not accessible to anybody except as is necessary in relation to the successful running of the Association.

A list of volunteer’s names and contact details is maintained by the Volunteer Coordinator to organise events.

Apart from those identified above, information from the database will only be disclosed if required by law or emergency services.

Hard copies of the information required to run the event (such as team lists and indemnity forms) are stored at the event by the administration volunteers. Team lists are publicly visible. After the event the indemnity forms are stored in a locked container until our retention period has expired, after which they are disposed of.

Data Accuracy

If you would like to access your personal information, you can access this through the online system on the web (with your login credentials: email and password), or we are happy to help you if you send your request to us at

We endeavour to ensure information is kept up to date. Please let us know if there are any errors so they can be corrected.

Privacy Policy Revision: 26/04/2024