Since this isn’t an official event, none of the rules apply. Starting with Rule R1 (team of 2 to 5). Because of the way the phone app is configured (primarily for orienteering), this event will be individual. For your safety and fun: we encourage you to stay as a team of 2 or a family group (maintaining appropriate social distancing of course!), remain within earshot of each other. Do not smoke or light fires in the park. Please do not leave any rubbish in our lovely park. Take due care when crossing roads and don’t enter private residential property.

This training event is at your own risk. The only thing we do insist on (although we can’t enforce it) is that you do it on foot. Bikes are not allowed for this one – you’ll clean up the course far too easily!

The app really discourages late returns – you will be deducted 30 (yes, 30!) points per minute you are late. Don’t be longer than 6 hours.