• Gender neutral, one overall champion.
  • Points are awarded to individuals, not teams, so you don’t need to keep the same team mates for every event.
  • The more events you participate in, the better your chances of winning!
  • You earn points while volunteering as well!

How do I enter?

You don’t need to do a thing. We do it for you. Immediate individual entry will happen when you register for your first event of the calendar year, either as a participant or a volunteer.

For more information email us.


Find your position in the current standings!

2018 Winners

1 Evelyn Colwell
6 Jenny McInerney 3675
2 Craig Colwell
7 Trent MmInerney 3675
3 Stephen Gray
8 Rob Tucker 3507
4 Zara Soden
9 Kate Corner 3452
5 Bruce Greenhalgh
10 Michelle Brigham 3089

2017 Winners

Rogainer of the year, 2017 winners

How does it all work?

The best South Australian rogainer will be identified through the accumulation of points calculated from competing and/or volunteering in scheduled SA Rogaining events over one calendar year. The system is weighted to encourage entry into the two main bush events – 15hr roving and 24hr bush.

In 2018, the main differences to last year’s inaugural IO Merino Rogainer of the Year [ROY] awards will be that:

  1. It will be gender neutral (i.e. the placegetters will win based only on points and not gender)
  2. Volunteer points will be tiered depending on volunteering type
  3. Runner up and third place prizes to be allocated
  4. Minimum points awarded for injury or late disqualification
  5. In the event of identical winning ROY scores, multiple prizes will be awarded (i.e. no count back or weighting for certain events).

The finer details

  1. All six scheduled rogaine events will form the 2018 IO Merino ROY series and competitors in all of these events will receive points based on their placing in each event.
  2. Points are awarded to individuals not teams. Each member of the team will receive the same number of points for the event in which the team is competing.
  3. Competitors in the team that finishes first shall receive a score of 100 points times the nominal duration of that event (i.e. each member of the winning team in a 24-hour event, will receive 2400 ROY points). All other competitors shall receive a score based on their percentage of the winning score rounded to the nearest whole number (i.e. if a team scored 50% of the winning team’s score in the 24-hour event then those team members would receive 1200 ROY points).
  4. In the event of a team entering and participating in an event but having to withdraw due to injury of a team member or being disqualified for a late return then those team members shall receive 50% of the last place score.
  5. In the event of a team being disqualified for un-sportsmanlike conduct no points will be awarded.
  6. Where a shorter duration event is held concurrently, points will be awarded for that event as a separate event. Thus, the winners of the 2-hour Velogaine will receive a score of 200 points.
  7. For each event a record will be kept of the following for each competitor:
    1. Event duration
    2. Points Scored
  8. Participants in an event cannot receive volunteering points for the same event.
  9. Any rogainer who is prevented from competing in an event because of a volunteer task they undertook for that event will be eligible for series points as listed below:
    1. Event Organiser/Setter/Vetter team members – 90 points x event duration (i.e. a 6hr event would receive 540 points)
    2. Admin staff – 75 points x event duration
    3. Hash House staff – 75 points x event duration for events where SARA volunteers run the HH or for the HH coordinator who organises a 3rd party to run the HH and is required to be onsite to coordinate the 3rd party and as such cannot compete.
    4. For an Event Organiser to be eligible for points then the Organiser must have a major role in the event, as well as be the “Go to Person” at the event site and not just be a committee liaison person