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A huge thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers in 2021!

Adam Healy Janet Davill Olivia Nicol
Adam Kilpatrick Jenny Casanova Olivier Fahy
Al Sankauskas Jenny McInerney Paul Hoopman
Allison Ramsey Jeremy Carter Peter Geelen
Anna Avonlea Jo Powell Peter Milnes
Annika Dannielsson Joe Milne Phil Davill
Annika Stennert John Nitschke Rhys Fogarty
Brad Smith John Such Richard Sprod
Bruce Greenhalgh Jonathan Gobin Ruth Ambrose
Cao Huy Josie Smernik Ryan McAllister
Carolyn Strong Joy Corbett Scott Bradley
Chris Graves Judy Sprod Shanti Osbourne
Christine Franklin Kaitlyn Ford Shaun Ellis
Colin Corbett Kate Corner Simon Curtis
Craig Colwell Kate Ralph Stephen Gray
Daniel Brown Kathy Stockdale Steve Cooper
David Ottaway Keith Humphris
Stephen Warren-Smith
David Powell Kelly Nicol Sue Milnes
Doug Gillott Lewis Carter Tony Kimberlin
Erik Schartner Margaret Bourne Trent McInerney
Eva Geelen Maria Krahling Tristan Williamson
Evelyn Colwell Mark Corbett Vince Loye
Geoff Jurd Mark Ramsey Wayne Chettle
Grace Williams Martin Chicatun Zara Soden
Helen Vinall Matilda Southgate Zita Sankauskas
Jan Hillyard Megan Schartner
Michelle Brigham

Here are the volunteer roles we need to organise and run each rogaine event. There is documentation to support many of the roles, found in the Resource section.

Event Coordinator

The event coordinator is usually a member of the SARA committee who assists the volunteers during the planning of an event. The event coordinator can participate in the event (provided they haven’t had a sneak peek at the map!)


The setters choose the location for an event, talk to landholders to organise permission to access properties, and get the fun job of deciding exactly where the checkpoints should go on the map. (They are the ones to blame as you slog up a hill to find a checkpoint on the summit!) Setters also take a leadership and communications role during the event, delivering a briefing at the start and reading out the results at the end. Lots of support is provided to help novice setters, including mentoring from experienced setters. Detailed guidelines and GPS units are provided. Setting an event is a great way to take your rogaining to a new level. People will tell stories about your event for years to come!


The mapper is someone who is good with mapping software and able to work with the setters to produce the map. Sometimes the course setter is also the mapper. Software, a mapping laptop and support documentation are all provided, along with help from experienced mappers.


Vetters check a draft map for accuracy, safety and enjoyability. Vetters generally need to be available in the lead-up to an event and need to be confident in their navigational ability. Sometimes vetting is done on the ground and sometimes ‘armchair’ vetting is done purely by looking at the map.

Hash House Leader

The Hash House leader takes responsibility for one of the most important aspects of any event – the food! They lead a big group of volunteers who prepare and serve food during and at the end of an event. Detailed guidelines are provided, and often the food is prepared in advance by other volunteers or provided by a local group. This is a coordinating role, with lots of help available.

Hash House Helper

Hash House helpers help prepare and serve food during and after events and help pack up at the end. They are the most popular people at a rogaine when they dish up delicious, hot food to hungry competitors!

Admin Leader

The admin leader leads a team of volunteers who are responsible for team registration at the start of the event and collating results at the end. Full training is provided in admin processes and software. The admin team also takes a coordinating role in the safety procedures for an event.

Admin Helpers

Admin helpers are involved in registration processes at the start of the event and collating team results at the end of the event. They also help monitor the emergency satellite phone during bush events. Being involved in admin is a great way to meet other rogainers and hear all the best stories first-hand from teams as they finish.

Safety Loop Driver

The safety loop driver usually has access to a 4WD vehicle and gets to drive around the safety loop picking up lost or injured rogainers and dropping off water at water drops. Sometimes this is way more fun than doing the event itself! All petrol costs (including travel to and from the event) are reimbursed.

Bucket Cookers

Bucket cookers cook buckets of soups or stews (following recipes provided) in the lead-up to events. All food costs are reimbursed. Once cooked, buckets of food are dropped off at a central location with a large freezer. When bucket cookers see people enjoying their food around the campfire, they get a warm fuzzy feeling knowing they cooked some of it!